Mark Bower-Dyke / Director, Blieve

With over 40 years of insurance industry experience and a lifetime of proven success as an entrepreneur and creative innovator, beginning in 1988 Mark founded the A Quote Insurance Broking chain. He took the company from its inception to sale to Highway Insurance Company in 2004 where he continued for two years helping it grow fivefold.

In 2007 Mark founded Be Wiser Insurance, becoming one of the UK’s fastest growing and largest privately owned insurance brokers reaching some 230,000 customers, he remained at the heart of the company until its sale in 2021.

Having successfully brought and sold many companies in and around the Insurance industry, his understanding of marketing and how to grow customer numbers has been at the heart of the organic growth and success the companies have all achieved.

In 2021 Mark founded Blieve Consulting as he felt that companies were looking for proactive ways to grow their businesses rather than the traditional consulting process of ‘find the faults’.