Lara Pedley / Managing Director, ISC Group

Lara Pedley is the Global Managing Director at ISCGroup, a Not For Profit organisation that is dedicated to championing women in the Insurance industry, helping them to achieve the highest potential in their career.

Lara originally studied environmental science at the University of Bristol and shortly after graduating joined an all female start up in the property sector. Having spent some time working in Marketing and Business Development department, Lara decided to take a role in corporate finance. Whilst the culture of Corporate Finance came as quite a shock, Lara soon got introduced to the Founder of Insurance Supper Club, a private members’ group of senior leaders from around the world trying to address the lack of gender representation in Insurance companies.

Given her background in start ups, Lara spent time working with the Founder to launch ISCGroup as a Not For Profit organisation and got funding from the Insurance companies in London to do so. Now six years later, the ISC Group is a global organisation, headquartered in London with 6 branches around the world. Lara was the first employee, starting as a project manager, and then progressed to become the UK director, where she slowly started to build out the team. In the last three years,ISC Group has opened five other branches and Lara manages a team of 15 people and is the Global Managing Director.

Lara enjoys listening to people and hearing their stories and with that came the passion to build an organisation to fight gender equality, along with diversity and inclusion too. Lara wanted to ensure that organisations like ISC Group exists that can prioritise D&I every day, and not let it sit at the bottom of a to-do list.