Freddy Knight / Innovation Director, Optimum Specialty Risks

Freddy Knight is the Co-founder and Innovation Director at specialist cyber insurance provider, Optimum Speciality Risks, and is considered one of the industry’s leading voices on cyber risk for SMEs.

Freddy successfully designed and launched two of the UK’s leading cyber insurance products, OSR: Cyber Plus and OSR: Home Cyber Plus, and has received several accolades for his work in recent years. Namely: –

    • 2018 – British Insurance Awards – Best SME Broker (Stackhouse Poland)
    • 2019 – Insurance Insider Cyber Rankings – Rising Star Cyber Broker
    • 2020 – Advisen Cyber Risk Awards Finalist – Cyber Newcomer of the Year (OSR)
    • 2021 – Advisen Cyber Risk Awards Finalist – Cyber MGA of the Year (OSR)
    • 2021 – Advisen Cyber Risk Awards Finalist – Cyber Risk Industry Person of the Year
  • In addition to the work Freddy has done in making cyber insurance digestible for small business owners, he is responsible for the creation of a unique suite of cyber insurance training programs for insurance brokers. Understanding that cyber insurance doesn’t have to be scary or confusing, his training programs are designed to help brokers of all abilities understand cyber risk for SMEs and have been utilised by some of the biggest and best insurance brokers in the world.