Grant Georgiades, director, Plan Insurance Brokers

Grant GeorgiadesAfter graduating from Manchester University with a first class degree, Grant launched a successful media career. Within three years, he had progressed to assistant producer level. Yet despite having BBC, ITV and Hat Trick production credits to his name, television failed to offer a sufficiently rewarding career path.

In 2006, his elder brother and MD Ryan tempted Grant back into the family insurance business. Having worked part-time throughout his education, Grant already had a thorough understanding of the workings of both the company and the industry.

He was confident that he could transform the firm – from one reliant on traditional marketing channels offering diminishing returns, into a forward thinking, digitally minded broker. Combining the key audience targeting skills he’d acquired in the media industry with his aptitude for knowledge – and a little common sense – Grant successfully oversaw this change in approach.

Plan now implements a full range of digital marketing strategies. Since Grant rejoined as director of marketing, the company has experienced an 800% increase in GWP.

Working within a small, close knit and dynamic management team he has played a significant role in establishing Plan Insurance Brokers as a leading online brand within the commercial motor insurance market.